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1314. Northumberland, during the time of the Scottish wars of independence. A time of lawlessness and suffering, when every man must look to what he believes are his own best interests.

Young Walt Radulf of Syhale Manor gains his knighthood. He continues his father’s practice of spying for the enemy king, Robert de Bruce, as a way of paying ransom to avoid the worst ravages of Bruce’s cross border raids on homes and livestock. Walt would do almost anything to maintain his lands and wealth and to realise his father’s dream of building a fortified tower house on their extensive estate to the west, at Bytilsden.

Walt’s involvement with Bruce, much to the displeasure of his beautiful wife Katherine, eventually becomes so entangled that he puts his whole estates and family in jeopardy, and must fight, not only to keep his lands, but to keep his head on his shoulders.


"An excellent and fast moving story.
I look forward to reading the final part of the story when it is published."
Amazon review

"Found addictive, If you like historic books then well worth the read."
Mike M, Cambs.

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