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Fourteenth century Northumberland. A lawless land where the king’s Eyre rarely meets to dispense justice leaving such things to be administered by local barons and landowners. The king shows more interest in his French possessions than his northern borders with Scotland. It is only when his important Scottish castles are threatened that he deigns to ride north with an army.

Outside of these times, Northumberland must do what it can to protect itself from cross border raids by large parties of men loyal to William Wallace or the Scottish pretender Robert Bruce.

Sir Walter Radulf will do anything to preserve his way of life, even if it means treason. Against this background of lawlessness, Sir Walter incurs the wrath of a band of outlaws, who later seek revenge with tragic results.

Sir Walter’s son Walt learns from his father, and excels him in duplicity and cruelty when it comes to looking after his own interests. Betrothal to a beautiful daughter of a wealthy neighbour proves no barrier to Walt’s tempestuous affair with a penniless cousin.

Surprisingly both father and son elicit almost slave like loyalty and affection from their employees, who they generally treat well, in an age of indifference to the plight of the poor.


"As an avid reader of period novels, I can recommend this book. Let’s hope there are more to follow soon."
Dorothy, Norfolk, Amazon review

"Read and enjoyed 'A Land Apart'. You have obviously done a lot of research which made the story more real."
Doug W.

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