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March 1327. Sir Walt Radulf, now released from the kings prison in London and granted a full pardon, including the return of his confiscated land, is on his way home to Syhale, his manor in Northumberland. His demesne on this manor was in the name of his wife Katherine and thus spared confiscation.

Unknown to Walt, even this land is now in jeopardy and Katherine has huge debts, mainly incurred by the amount of money spent by Walt paying for bribes to assure his comforts during his period of incarceration.

Walt must struggle to get his land returned from those now occupying it, who are reluctant to vacate without a direct order from the king, necessitating further appeals to the kings court.

King Edward's subsequent granting of the Barony of Plenderleith in the Scottish borders to Walt is not without its obligations. These will have far reaching and disastrous effects on the Radulf family’s plans for their future, with the return of King David Bruce to Scotland and the drums of war once again beating in the border areas.


"Pacey and well connected to the period in history it is set. Also enjoyed the previous two in the series."
Maggie M Hereford, Amazon review

"The characters are strongly portrayed and the descriptions of life in all walks of life convey the Spartan existence of life in those times.
A brilliant story and a most enjoyable read."

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